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Mysterious damage

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My z was in the shop at a very reputable Nissan dealership that I've dealt with before. When I picked it up I noticed that the tip of the hood by the passenger side, the square end of it towards the windshield, in the size of a small triangle for about 1 inch height, was bent inwardly for about 45 degrees.

At first, I thought that the tip broke, I couldn't believe it. When I popped the hood, only then I noticed that the tip was bent inwardly. I also noticed that the hood itself was slightly bent, and out of alignment. I called the manager and the Nissan tech and they were very surprised and puzzled as to how this damage happened. Of course, they assured me that they they'll take care of the repair and they'll send it to a very good body shop.

Although I am concerned because my z has a very nice glossy original paint, I'm sure that it will be repaired but I'd like to know if anyone knows how this damage could have happened. I have never seen anything like this. Your thoughts please.

Thank you
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A friend had his cowl bent by a fellow repairing his dash.

Somehow he leaned on it with his hand.
The repair job was a headgasket and exhaust manifold/intake gasket replacement. How would they bent the tip of the hood inwardly? It almost seems like the tip of the hood got stuck somehow.

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Sounds like the car was backed up with the hood up. It hit something above and bent the tip and stressed the hinges to cause the mis-alignment.

Just one of the many reasons I NEVER take my "baby" to a shop.
or if the hood was up, and they decided to lift the car up... the hood could have hit something on its way up.. kinda unlikely but i it happened to me before...
Sounds like they removed the hood for easier acces to the repair, and dropped it on one corner. Then when they put it back on, misaligned it.
Let them fix it, ask if the tech removed the hood.

After years of twisting wrenches, I got to go with David^ Removing the hood for some major engine jobs was almost a normal procedure as it saved the mechanics some time.
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Never. I love old z's and reduced repair costs.
That makes more sense.
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