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> ok everyone, i ran my 71 L28 Z on sunday at
> the first CMI sponsored drag race of the
> year. and after about an hour wait in tech,
> and then another hour wait in lineup, i
> finally make it to the tree. the lights
> flash i punch it, the tires burn, i ease on
> the gas wait for the grip then punch it
> again, then guess what happens!!! the stupid
> car starts boggin down the track all the way
> to the time lines. **** car, after all that
> money preping the car for this years races.

> here's what i think it might have been:
> 1. i let the engine get to cold while
> waiting in lineup.
Runner a hotter series of spark plugs
> 2. i was almost out of gas, so when i
> launched i lost fuel pressure.
Put 3 more gallons of gas in the car
> 3. the **** car doesnt like me.
I wouldn't either if you called me names like this.
> does anyone else have any ideas... i forgot
> to add that the car felt like the fuel was
> cutting everytime the rpm hit 5000 and my
> friends in the stands said that it was
> spitting black smoke.
Try it again with the first two on your own. The black smoke spitting out and cutting out above 5000 could easily have been fouled plugs.
> please if you know what it is or have an
> idea please let me know. i love my Z and i
> would hate to pump a few bullets into its
> rearend.
You'll get farther by speaking softly and gently carressing the fender.
Seriously - start making some logical chages one at a time, find a lonely stretch of road, le tthe car sit and idle for 10 minutes and then try it. You'll find the problem and be off to the races.
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