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My 76 280z

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I guess I will start a thread now that I am doing some more major work on the car.
I bought it almost a year ago (it is my first car, I am 19) and have done some minor things here and there. Put the XXRs on it, some HID headlights and some fogs, stereo and such, cut the springs.. Doesn't ride bad with the cut springs front springs and replaced rear strut top with the shorter 240z ones. I also did white gauge faces with blue LEDs, polyurathane bushings, im sure I've done other stuff but I just cant remember.

Here is the car right after I got it, the front bumper is even on it still.

Now with the bumper off. Ahhhhhh much better!

Now with the XXRs, but i hadnt cut the springs quite yet.

I like this one a lot, the springs are cut in this one.. I think. lol

Now with the new tires, 225/50/16

My buddy and I.

I Just started tearing it apart about two weeks ago, getting it ready for paint. My plan is going with a flat white ( I want to do a flat color, what other colors do you guys think would look good with black fender flares and black BRE spoiler?), and i bought the j-spec body kit from MSA. It has the fender flares, BRE rear spoiler, and front air dam. Im gonna delete the side markers and antenna, Im also going to do tokicos and coilovers. I havent decided on HPs or Illuminas yet, the car is my daily driver so im leaning more towards just the HPs. What do you guys think?
I will post more pictures soon.
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Get the Illuminas...do it right the first time, or you'll end up doing it twice. The HPs are ok for drop in springs, but not really that great for coilovers. Ensure the spring rates are less than 250#, or the Illuminas won't survive for long. Are you going to leave all the bumpers off permanently? The J-spec kit looks naked without 240z bumpers, IMHO.
Yeah thats what I was thinking, I wasnt sure if they were enough of an improvement over the HPs to spend the extra money on them though.
I plan on leaving the front off and putting the rear back on. And once I find some 240 bumpers in decent condition in my area I will pick those up and slap them on hopefully.

Here is some pictures I took earlier today..

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I like. Needs to be a bit lower tho in my opinion. Tuck the tires a little bit
I hope you continue with the story and updated pics as you go through the paint process.I like what you've done so far and want to see the finished product.

Here is a picture of the gauges, my buddy was messing around with the shutter speed on his camera.

So I almost have the car sanded all the way now, i have more hand sanding here and there, and a little bit more DA work on the passenger side. Its coming along, but its hard to find time to do the DA work with it always raining here in Portland. And its just not possible for me to do the DA in the garage with the Mustang in there and all, it's just way too messy. Now once all thats done i'm gonna have some rust repairs to do... i'm not looking forward to that. I've never welded before (so we'll see how that goes).. and i'm going to have a quite a bit of welding to do (with deleting the side markers, the antenna, and the mirrors. Also with the rust repairs).
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Well here is the newest addition (72 240z bumper), I just picked it up yesterday for 50 bucks.

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good find on the 240z bumper i have been looking for one for a while, just havnt wanted to make the drive to portland (i live a little north of you in longview) keep updating us!
Yeah those bumpers pop up around here every once in a while, i got lucky and jumped on this one right away.

Heres the latest pictures, I've done quite a bit of work since I last posted pictures. These are from earlier today, cutting the fenders to be able to utilize the function of the fender flares. AKA so i can go lowerrrrrr :)

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lets see them mounted....u r killing me lol
haha, i still dont have the hardware for them yet, or the holes even drilled out. Dont worry, you'll see it once they are mounted!
roger wilco
nice progress! i kinda like the yellow, its different and makes it stand out. ya said ya wanted to go flat, why not a flat version of that same color?
Love those wheels.
Thats exactly what I'm planning on doing now, I'm gonna see how bright of a flat yellow the guys can mix and then i'll go with it if its as bright as i want. If they cant do that i think I'm just going to go with a flat white.
I really like the wheels too, i think they look really good on the yellow. They're just xxr 002s.
Well i just got a door from a local guy who sells datsun parts, my passenger door had some bad rust in it so i decided to replace it.

And now the next big thing is im possibly going to go look at an L28et next weekend, with a t5. I am so stoked for that motor. I've been wanting one ever since i got the car just over a year ago, wish me luck!
I just picked up an L28et yesterday, went for a bit of a road trip to get it. Im not planning on doing anything with it for a while, but its nice to finally have one :) I paid 500 for it, with all needed to install it (hopefully) and the transmission.
Any updates on the fender flares installed?? The build looks awesome! Did you wind up painting it white or flat yellow?

Keep up the good work I'm starting mine and debating the flares or not.
The flares are all ready to be mounted, minus paint. I am planning on doing primer in a week and then paint it soon after that.
I have just recently been putting some good time into it, i've been so busy lately. I landed an internship at Intel so between that and school I dont have much free time. I'm actully at Intel right now, so i should probably get off the forum haha.

I'll update with pics when i have enough progress to show that i've actully been working on it lol. And i am going to go with the flat yellow, I just cant bring myself to changing it up.
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