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Re: ( 83ZX climate control idiosyncratica )

> RE: 83ZXT auto temp/heat valve/vacuum
> quests.....

> Doug;

> Thank you for your suggestion to get a
> factory service manual. I do, in fact,
> already have one, and have studied manual's
> explanation of the auto temp system
> operation, elec diagram, and vacuum diagram.
> Perhaps you may've deduced this from reading
> the questions I've been asking on the board,
> and the email I sent you over the weekend.

I don't recall getting any e-mail from you over the weekend, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything, because I get 200 e-mails a day as part of my work etc. and the system even then isn't bomb-proof.

Sorry if I misunderstood your question to represent the lack of a factory manual.

> Besides your advice to get a factory service
> manual, are you able to provide any concrete
> answers to the following questions?

The factory shop manual contains all the information on climate control systems for the Z that is available to us. That's all there is. If it's not in there, re. climate control specifics on the Z, then I don't know it, and nobody else does either ( certainly not the Nissan techs, who rarely get a look at this system any more. )

Any more general questions are best addressed by a good tech manual such as Dwiggins.

Doug Dawson
[email protected]
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