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Re: MSA customer servise is great???

I waited about 9-10 months for my catalog...
i requested.. and rerequested one.. and finally... after months of waiting.. i got it..
it's got a pretty good selection of parts... but when used in conjunction with VB.. JCR...and Paeco ... you can find just about anything you'd even think to find.

And so far... my experience with MSA.. customer service has been fine... they dont cop an attitude when i ask stoopid questions... and only once have i even had to wait more than ten seconds from the time i dialed the number to the time i talked to someone...

I've never ordered anything from them, though i plan to in the future... and with my local Z club... i get 10% off my order...

So, i'm not gonna complain too much about the wait for the catalog...

by the way... they dont mail them one at a time as the requests come in.. unless you pay the, i think, $5 charge. They let all the requests pile up for a month.. then send them out in bulk.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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