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msa rules

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i dont care what anyone says.. msa rules.. i ordered a fuel pump on thursday.. from california.. it was on my door step on saturday. im in pennsylvania..
do they have warehouses anywhere else?
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not that i know of
They drop ship, pump probably came from supplier in Cal.

They line up suppliers who are willing to drop ship, with there MSAs return address and logos on package, its a common thing, They take a cut of the profit, but in saying that its not easy to put suppliers together with customers, when its your head on the line, Its not a easy business to be
in. Warehousing costs money, and that subtracts from the profit margin, and thats not a good thing, The internet is the King of drop shippers.

Find something everyone wants, make a deal to sell it over the net with supplier, and your in business, mark it up, and head to the bank, no stocking, no fuss no muss. Its a good thing. Most people dont check prices.

Of course Zers are a little different, were cheap, and proud of it.

MSA sells sunvisors for 149.00 each, and there not just like originals but close. 149.00 EACH, that what 300.00 plus shipping, Got a great pair, like new from the Yard, for like 4.00 each, when someone orders a pair they probably throw a office party.

As far as MSA rules.....What it rules is probably the question.
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MSA is generaly a good company and has a nice little chunk of my change. They are a business and try to treat everyone the same. Some of the prices are a little higher then if you were to hunt for the parts at other places but, with MSA.. There's no hunting for the parts..

I recieved a header from them a while back and the box looked like it was a prop for a Samsonite comercial. The header looked about the same. Big gouges on the outer pipes. This happened through shipping. One call to MSA, a few questions later and it was handled.. The header I got was picked up and then replaced. It took about a few weeks to handle it all but, That's a given since I live kinda far from them.

They will do their best to treat you fairly.. Talk to Sam if you need some tech advice. He knows his fist generation Z's..
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"Day wayB pricey....

but der fast!" Norm K. PS: (SP!)
Can't beat the walkin service - less shipping
Yea, whoever is lucky enough to live near the MSA office doesnt know the shipping woes. I go in on my way to work when i need something and theyre GREAT!

That display case in the showroom sure is like a candy store....lol ! Props to all of the fellas at MSA for helping to keep our cars on the road. Thanx

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