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> Yea its the newbie again, you might remember
> me from post like Where this spoosed
> to go and Wut the? well
> need your help again. In front of the
> battery near the firewall i have two
> mushroom looking things. Their White
> connectors i guess with black runner caps.
> Under the caps on is four pronged :):) and
> one has two :)) since i got the car they've
> been wrapped in tape and cut off at the end?
> What are these here for and where should
> they go?

> Thanks for putting up with my rediculously
> pathetic questions (and spelling..its kinda
> hard to tipe w/o getting the keyboard
> greezy)

Hey, your questions might sound stupid to everyone else but if you dont know them more power to us. From what it sounds like those should be the fusible links for your entire car. Without those nothing in the car should have power, unless they have been bipassed. The reason for the fusible links is case of a short the system thos will melt relatively easy inside the plastic casing saving the rest of the wiring from going up in smoke. I hope that is what you are talking about. It might be a good idea to go down to local auto parts store and pick up a Haynes auotmotive manual fo your z. they are really informative.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
Not open for further replies.