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Hey guys. Walked into garage the other day and said "what the **** am I going to do with this car, I dont have enough time in the day to mow the lawn, let alone put a **** car together!"

84 turbo. 2seater. Auto to manual swap. Burgundy on burgundy. Body is in ok shape but I would swap parts off this one to another. Previous owner had an accident in it but work was repaired for the most part. I cant take great photos now as car is buried by stuff. But really I feel like the parts are what you will want and not the car itself.

I consider it a parts car just because I dont trust the work that has been done to it. Installed is a vg33 which I believe someone rebuilt at some point in time and bored over. Take that as you will, I have never started the engine.

I swapped the auto out for a 5sp but im not sure it was done properly... as in I had flywheel resurfaced and balanced on the new clutch but I think whoever resurfaced it didnt do it correctly like the clutch may slip. If there is supposed to be a friction plate on it, they just made it all smooth? Maybe thats correct, dont know, dont really care.

Bilstein shocks and st springs have been installed by someone of unknown quality of work with poly bushings and solid rear crossmember mount. Never been driven since work done. 2006 era

Rebuilt turbo by some company in arizona T3/t4 brand new and installed 0 miles. 3" downpipe installed. Rest of 3" exhaust in hatch.

Spearco probably knockoff intercooler and some pipes and couplings, clamps. Probably not complete. In hatch.

Brakes were maybe done? I dont remember.

Last time I opened door and looked inside 2 yrs ago, it looked a little moldy.

Make me an offer, I really want to see someone in community get this.
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