I am cleaning out all my extra Z parts. I am planning on selling my 1970 240Z in the coming months. It is time part with (sell/give away) all the extra parts I no longer need to new homes where they will get used. Please make any reasonable offer on the parts I would rather they go to someone who can use them than the metal recyler. I have pictures for everything and most of the parts came from a working cars. If you would like a part tested I can do that just let me know.

Here is a rough list, but the pictures show more. Parts are from either a 1970 to 1972 240Z. I still have a few more boxes to go through and will add those pictures this evening hopefully.
Link to Pictures

I also have some Datsun Roadster parts that I am looking to new homes for, not sure if anyone has one of these. Let me know and I can send a link to those pictures. Mostly early 1600 parts and H20 parts.

Z Parts:
E31 head - refurbished 5k miles ago
2.8L short block
Black interior trim
Red interior trim
2 sets of rear tail lights
3 Rear quarter window glass in frame
Early 240Z side emblems
Side lights
Window cranks
Early windshield wiper motor and arms (1970)
Early ashtray (1970)
Several wiring harness, (engine, dash, interior)
Misc locks, some with keys
Glove box door
Gauges (speedo, temp/oil, clocks)
R200 diff
Mustache bar with newer poly bushings
Stock Camshaft
1972 complete steering assembly (wheel, column, lock)
1970 complete steering assembly (wheel, column, lock)
1 set of SU's refurbished with 5K miles on them
Air filter cover
NOS fuel level sensor
Fuel tank filler tube
Misc interior bits
Complete heater box and fan out of a 1970
2 Valve covers
Fuel rails
Several distributors magnetic pickup and points
Radio, I think out of a 1970 ( I need to verify this)
Misc head bits
2 center consules (I think 1 is 1970, 1 a 1972)
2 steel rims
Set of "Z" hub caps
Fuel rails

I live in Portland, OR.

Here is my 240Z (manufacture date Oct 1970, titled as a 1971)
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