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Dose any body have a brief idea what a setup like this would cost and where to get the part's any pro's or con's to this setup
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Depends how far you want to take it, and or how you do it


This is a good priced website, and extra for the harness.

So all up about 300 - 350 for a basic kit.



If you can build it yourself it is very reasonable. Look at the Megasquirt faq/ ordering info page:

Is the system capable of sequential injector firing and or compatable with a distributorless ignition?
That site looks interesting. Will a megasuirt do sequential EFI?
Not yet, in Ultra Megasquirt it will be able to do that along with the wide band O2 sensor
I don't know what the big deal is with sequential except for fine tuning at low rpm's - at higher revs all systems go to batch fire.

Manufacturer's need it to pass emissions and milege standards.

I doubt very seriously that many would spend the $ to dial in sequential to the nth degree...
Exactly, sequencial injection isn't needed for a street performance engine. Maybe on a GTP car that needs to individually tune the fuel mixture on each cylinder this type of control is needed? Batch/gang fire works fine.

Same with ditributorless ignition, I just don't see the -big- advanatge unless you have an individual coil on plug setup that eliminates the wires too.

My sugestion on EFI managment systems is to look at the software and decide from that. Ease of tuning makes or breaks a stand alone EFI system and is the main advantage with SDS. The only windows based system I'd be interested in using is the haltech. YMMV

Also when you are comparing prices, include EVERYTHING it's going to take to have a running car and maybe the time involved as well unless you consider your time worth nothing, I don't! A -box- with no harness, sensors, connectors etc is far from a complete system.
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The persistent belief that sequential injection is really a benefit is number 10 of 11 most common mistakes that people get hung up with...

Please read this "Most Common Mistakes" section of the megasquirt documentation.
thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yea, great info. Thanks!

And if you don't like programming megasquirt with a laptop you can build the megaview module.
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