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Can anyone offer some information about Megasquirt? I've read about guys installing it on turbo Z's and now im curious. Thanks.
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Megasquirt is what your mom did last night...

JK I can help ya out if you need.
My advise avoid it. It can be a money pit that doesn't work properly. That was my experience with it and I would not use it again.
I heard that Megasquirt is the way to go.. I plan on going that route.
If I could afford it I would go back to it in a heartbeat!
mega Squirt is a Great System. People with Problems using it , usually find it was the Person Installing it that Had the issue. Not the Hardware or Software...

If it was so bad, Why were there 2 dozen Cars Parked around there Tent at the 2011 Walter Mitty @ Road Atlanta this weekend showing off some Impressive hardware and Software...

Street Cars... Race Cars... Boats... JetSkis.... Sport Bikes..

Its open Source and if you Have a LapTop... DIYAutoTune.com can Get you Going...

Datsun Rod
Read all you can find about it. it's not the easiest thing to figure out, and it does need some modifications to your car. Another possible idea for you if you're looking for a different engine managment computer is to go with a late 80's Z31 ecu/harness swap. You can get rid of the MAF in favor of the MAP sensor. It's a more modern system than stock and there's a few people who've done it too. the advantage over Megasqirt is it's not all DIY. But hey, maybe you'll like the challenge. The timing wheel is the hardest part of setting up MS.
If you go with an 83 turbo dizzy,no need for the cas.
Ummm you still need to use the CAS if you are using the 82/83 dizzy to trigger for spark.

Now if you go with a Ford EDIS wasted spark setup then you get rid of the dizzy which allows for better FMIC piping in the engine bay. All you do is get / fab a block off plate where the dizzy goes to keep junk out of it.
Not the turbo dizzy. It is built into the dizzy. You will also need to use the oil pump shaft from the turbo dizzy as well. You are correct in that if you use the ford edis then you need no dizzy at all.
coolhand said:
If you go with an 83 turbo dizzy,no need for the cas.
The cas is in the dizzy so you will still need the CAS. My guess thats what you ment though, I'm just clarifying it for ya.
From my reading,you do not need a timing wheel . The whole point of using the Turbo dizzy is that you don't need a timing wheel. I was told when I ordered my unit,that you could do away with the wheel by using the Turbo dizzy. I got this off the DIY site.
If you have a timing wheel on a 81 turbo motor, then yes you can get rid of it if you are using a 82/83 turbo dizzy.

The crank angle sensor for the 82-83 turbo dizzy is in the distributor. MS needs that for ignition control.

If you are using MS for fuel only then you do not need that CAS.
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