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If you go with a different offset rim you better watch out for burning up wheel bearings and you might even break the spindle.

So be careful if you are going with an offset rim.

> I have a set of 215x60x14's, that work
> great. I thought about going to a 245, but
> thought twice. Good thing I did. 245's will
> run close to the strut in the back, and they
> hit the strut up front. 225's fit, but not
> by much. It's not the rear you have to worry
> about, it is the front. You could run a 225,
> on a 7 inch rim, but I wouldn't do any more
> than that. A 245 is way to much for a 7 inch
> rim, so if you go that, you'll need 8 inch
> rims. If you're going to upgrage to an 8
> inch rim, yu might as well make it a 15x8 or
> 16x8, and change the offset of the wheel to
> accomidate wider tires. You know, if you
> flare the fenders, get a 16x9 wheel with
> slightly negative offset, you can run up to
> to a 295 and still be clear. As you can see,
> there are a lot of answers to the question
> How big of a tire will fit on my
> Z?

> Chris Behney
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