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Hi Mario,

The loping problem we discussed earlier may be attributed to the AFM spring being set too loose (on the rich side).

I think a feedback harmonic oscillation is taking place with vacuum, engine revs and fuel delivery coupled with the flap's easy movement.

Could even be a bad spot on the AFM trace. I am checking.

I just noticed that when I lean my AFM by tightening the spring, the loping goes away (and so does the car's power). :(
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After replacing all the vacuum hoses, and figuring out the heater control hoses by sheer trial and error, the loping is nearly gone.

But the main difference in my car is that it is running without a TPS. If I connect it while it is running, it dies, and if I connect it before turning it on, it runs insanely rich at idle.

So, maybe by tensioning the spring, it may go away, but I have to tension it by not leaning it out? Have you tried a different AFM?

Not like it matters, because after 2 days of sitting, the **** car is not running on all cylinders. I'm starting to really hate this car, maybe I'll just stick with my NA :(

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