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Manual Gear Box

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Hi all. i am just trying to find out what model number gear box would fit a 2.8l turbo from and 81 280zx


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Any manual 280Z or ZX transmission should bolt up except for the BW T5's that came with some later trubo ZX's

A few people are now using 240sx transmissions from the 90's and modding the 280zx bell housing and shortening the drive shaft to fit.
thanks for that, i dont suppose you would know what one of the better ones of that time are? also do the earlier boxes fit for instance a 240 or 260z?
Most early manuals are 4 speed.

Early 5speeds are supposed to be hacked up 4 speeds.

The 5speed's from the 280zx's are the desired ones.

My 77 280z has an 82 zx transmission in it. I like it.

Also you should match the transmission with the rear differential and the engine for optimal performance. My differential is a 3.9.

Search the archives to learn more.

You can mix and match wheels, differentials and transmissions here to see rpm and speed <http://www.geocities.com/z_design_studio/>
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Early 5speeds are supposed to be hacked up 4 speeds.


Maybe this was true for the EARLY roadster 5 speeds but all the Z 5 speeds are true 5 speed gearboxes and there is not much difference between them and the ZX ones. Some of the early Z 5 speeds had a normal instead of reverse thread main shaft nut that can sometimes cause a problem and they had a strange sycro setup but they work fine. By 77 has the original 5 speed and other than a set of bearings at 250,000 miles, it's been fine! :)
The 1980 model is the so called " close ratio" unit. I have one & I love it. It has perfectly spaced gearing for the L28 engine..

Call Kim Bl;ough 208-466-0004. at Idaho Z
the 80 model you reckon, thats great because i have an l28et i believe
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