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louisville KY Junkyards

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I may rile up a few people asking a question like this, I don't wanna start a turf war here.....but.....anybody in the Louisville area know of a decent junkyard for ZX parts?
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I live in Lexington, KY and would like to know that information as well.

When you need a part and it is not available in local stores, on the internet or from car buddies, the junkyard may be your only choise.

For example, I'm looking for one of those little wire springy things that goes on the wiring harness to hold it on to the fuel injector of a 280Z.

Lost one and can't find a replacement source.

So I can't be 100% sure that I am running or 5 or 6 cylinders all the time.

Funny how sometimes my wife tells me that not all my spark plugs are firing. ; )

Wayne in KY
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amen's out in shephardsville usually has a couple. i haven't been out there in a while though, its a little bit of a drive from louisville.
There is a place in clarksville ind. I believe it is Marshalls.
Hey, I used to live in Kentucky. Actually, I was raised there.

Funny story:

Around last Sept I took my first roadtrip in my 280ZX and drive from Texas to Kentucky to visit family. While I was in Lexington, I drove past my old house because I hadn't seen it in forever. What kind of car did I see in the driveway? A 280ZX!

I'm thinking about driving up there again soon.
hey Wayne, are you the same Wayne I spoke with a few weeks ago about a parts car? He was in norhtern Ky, just south of Cincy.

I am in Richmond.
KY, land of fast horses and fast women. Now I need to get more horses in my car so I can catch the fast women.

To price78280


I live in Lexington, KY and have a yellow 1978 280Z with 149K. Purchased car from Orginal owner about a month ago. It has been setting in his garage for about 12 years.

Know of any place to buy a new (or good) dash. There are cracks in my dash and I would like to replace it. Thinking a replacement dash would be better then one of the dash covers.

Comments, suggestions anyone.

Wayne in Ky
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I haven't had a chance to do much searching of junk yards the area.

What I have heard about dashes is that even if you found a new old stock one that the last ones were made 20+ years ago and are still prone to cracking. They were available and I have seen them on e-bay. Some guys on here have sent their dashes to Australlia to have them completely refurbished. Costs about $800 if I remember and takes about a 6 months since it has to be "shipped" (literally). The few people who have done it have offered mixed results. All in what you expect I guess. You can search on it.

Mine has 149K and I also purchased (actually my friend purchased) it from the orig. owner.
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