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loosing coolant

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I just noticed tonight that my coolant reserve container is almost empty, I have no idea why it is loosing coolant. Nothing on the floor but it seems that I'm smelling a coolant somewhere. I took it for a 30 miles ride and it not heating up. Any thoughts what could the problem be?

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I was also losing coolant, very little , but it added up over time, never saw any dripping......But early one morning, as I was standing away from my car I noticed a tiny drip from behind my flywheel, apparently a freeze plug, I added some stop leak, and it stoped, some of that silver stuff in the round container, kinda like flakes, used 2 containers, never leaked again. cross finger, knock on a old 240 fender.......

Eeeew, stop leak?
It could be as simple as a small leak in the lines that run to the intake manifold or a water pump that needs replacing.


.......after it's run and gotten warm, underneath the water pump for
a - small - discharge from the weep hole.

It usually evaporates running down the block before you actually see any "wet".
Could also be a leacky head gasket. Thats what it ended up being on mine. I didnt see anything on the ground that would indicate a leak. It was leaking into the car, through the heater, but i bypassed that and it was still leaking. When i pulled the head i found that the tops of the pistons were were soaked. Once i replaced it, i didnt have that leak anymore.
If you can't see it, then it may be internal to the cylinders and won't be obvious; and, if its small enough won't show up in a vacuum or compression test. If you pull the spark plugs and they look TOO clean, like brand new, then you have a blown head gasket.

Look at my sig. Try the Aluma-seal stuff and pray. It may help for a while - or not.
Thank you all. I'll keep you posted.
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