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Looking for mechanic to rebuild 1977 280Z motor near Vancouver, WA

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Hello everyone. I'm looking for a good mechanic familiar with Z's to do a complete rebuild on my stock 1977 280Z motor. I'm in Battle Ground, WA just north of Vancouver, WA. I'm willing to drive 100 miles to find the right mechanic. Must be very familiar with Z motors. Good referrals are much appreciated! Kevin
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I was going to rebuild the motor in my car. The place that has rebuilt other motors for me was around $2000 to rebuild the motor. I found a motor with 50K on it, didn't drop any fluids, popped the valve cover and was as clean as can be, compression great.....for $300.

I've seen plenty of other motors in car and running for sale for $300-$600. Just a thought.
^^^ agreed, one of my friends picked up a running 81 280zxt for $300 and is swapping the drivetrain into his 72 240z.
Here is an example in my CL...he placed an ad three days later, price is now $600.

72 Datsun 240 Z motor and 5 speed trani - $700 (Loomis)

1972 Datsun 240Z motor runs great complete and 5 speed trani still in car hear it run I am pulling both to put a small block 383 stroker motor and 5 speed, this motor has low miles on it trani has brand new clutch ans pressure plate yet to be driven other than a mile or two. 916 223-8063 Will seperate !!!!!!! Will be pulling next week,
As much as I wouold like to see some skilled guy get a "trip to Tahiti" by rebuilding this motor I have always realized that it's the hours of surgery that makes this expensive. When my l-28 came "up to bat" I took it to a machine shop. Still the head had cracks, even with low compression numbers like 120 psi's. Makes a good "el replaco" engine sound so sweet! Just throw her in! Norm K.
I think the Z motors is one of the best designs and best executed motors ever made. These motors are so bullet proof that they live very long lives and those rebuilding these cars can take advantage of this.
....And since rebuilding is "great" can you imagine "Overhauling-Completely?"... =Terrifico! (Ya we know these are strong motors.) Norm K.
I say check with Z specilties out in snohomish. distance wise its about a 2hr drive from where you probobly live. I'd send you the link and phone number but my cell is acting up.
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