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Long Rod 3Liter,L28Dblock

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Does any one know exactly what mods are required to use a L28d block with a L -24-L28 head?I'm sure I saw a post from someone doing this ,but I can't find it in the archives.Here's the specs for the motor I had planned.

Stroke-L28d crank 83mm
Rod-Z20E 152.5mm
Piston-VG30 31.75mm 1cc dish
S/2+R+P=225.75 with a 227.45 deck height this should leave a piston height or 1.7mm under the deck
Bore radius squaredx3.14xstroke =3027cc
Rod to stroke ratio would be 152.5/83 for a 1.83:1 rod to stroke ratio
With a 53.6cc P90a this would give about 8.0 :1 compression or
9.0:1 with a 44.6 N42 with a 7cc head gasket volume.
Any info about using the L28d block would be apreciated.
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Re: That's the Maxima Deisel Block right?

I looked at the post and thought maybe i should be more specific about the piston specs
The 31.75mm is the pin height, bore size would be a 1mm overbore or 88mm.
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