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Long Rod 3Liter,L28Dblock

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Does any one know exactly what mods are required to use a L28d block with a L -24-L28 head?I'm sure I saw a post from someone doing this ,but I can't find it in the archives.Here's the specs for the motor I had planned.

Stroke-L28d crank 83mm
Rod-Z20E 152.5mm
Piston-VG30 31.75mm 1cc dish
S/2+R+P=225.75 with a 227.45 deck height this should leave a piston height or 1.7mm under the deck
Bore radius squaredx3.14xstroke =3027cc
Rod to stroke ratio would be 152.5/83 for a 1.83:1 rod to stroke ratio
With a 53.6cc P90a this would give about 8.0 :1 compression or
9.0:1 with a 44.6 N42 with a 7cc head gasket volume.
Any info about using the L28d block would be apreciated.
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That's the Maxima Deisel Block right?

I've heard of a few companies using the Deisel block for performance applications, but I can't recall who... I'd like to hear more information as well!

I recall them saying that the motor mounts bolted up fine, but the additional height of the block caused problems with the hood clearance and they needed to cut the hood significantly.

It might be interesting to get one of these blocks and do some measurements to see what piston/rod combinations would work if you had the block resurfaced specifically to meet the deck height of the new combination.

I'll keep an eye on this thread...
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