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Long lost Z returns home

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33 years ago I sold the first Z car that I ever owned. It was a 1983 N/A 5 speed T-top car in Orange Mist Metallic. I sold it to a friend and was able to keep tabs on the car as it moved to a couple of different owners. 12 years ago the lady that owned it died and the car moved to a new owner and that is where I lost track of it. I have been looking for it pretty hard for the last 8 years.
This last weekend a co-worker sent me a picture of an Orange metallic Z sitting in a drive way here in town. I knew it was my old car so over I went and knocked on the door and found that the car was for sale. The owner had not started to advertise it, just word of mouth. After looking it over I confirmed that it was my old car that I sold in 1990. I have now added it to my stable. I now have a 1981, and two 1983's.
Here they are.
1981 Southern California car, purchased from the original owner. 5 speed non-turbo
Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle Car

1983 5 speed non-turbo, came out of Alabama to North Dakota
Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Vehicle Car

My original 1983 Orange Mist Metallic that came back to me yesterday!
Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle
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That's an awesome story man. Always good to get something back, especially if you ever regretted selling it. looks like whoever kept it all these years took great care of it. looks brand new! and I love the wheels.

I often wonder what happened to my original 80 zx.... silver slicktop with two tone blue-silver interior :unsure:
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Garage Queen all her life! I dont have a name for it yet, but my wife wants to call it "Holy Grail" because we have been looking for it almost as long as they have been looking for the Holy Grail at Oak Island!.
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Great story, and excellent good luck on your part. Also a very unusual color; my wife (a redhead) approves!
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Did you get your other 81 to replace the 83, it looks almost the same :ROFLMAO: very awesome car collection
The car in my profile picture is a photo of the car in 1989. It was all I had left of our time together. I did not have the vin number. My Cop brother even tried to trace the old License plate number with no luck. I read somewhere that only 1 in 1,000 were painted Orange Mist Metallic. That would make about 77 of them in 1983.
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