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Check this out


there selling a nitrous kit that uses those little whippets
check out the tire tire inflator
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awful good feedback rating on this seller that has sold this product before.
LOL, wonder how long that "works" for ?? Guess you can buy this and then put NOS stickers on the window! :)
Because these cylinders are for making whipped cream and not sulpherized like the auto-grade stuff, maybe this kit is for the owners of the car to inhale and feel like they're going faster and not actually meant to be a boost for the car.
i was actually thinking about doing this on one of those gas powered scooters, someone stole my idea damnit!
Are those little Pellet Gun Co2 containers?
they are 12 gram CO2 cartriges used in some hand gun paintball guns and pellet guns...this stuff as sold before!
Well, think about it. 100% safe and 100% effective — for 100% suckers. Can't believe anyone would fall for this. What's next, "water injection" via a really long garden hose? Hey. . . wait a minute (light bulb appears above head). . . it was my idea first! LOL
They're not CO2, they're NO
They are still Nitrous Oxide, but the tiny cylinders for whipped cream dispensers. They are the same size as a CO2 cartirdge used in pellet guns, but not the same gas. I'm still thinking that there's no way that many people are happy ebay buyers of auto mini NOS systems. They would only last 1 or 2 seconds. I'm guessing that people are buying them to get high. I also think it's probably dangerous to send pressurized cylinders in the mail.
i dont think they are buying them to get high cause if you look for whipped creme cartridges, you can buy a whole lot more, like a case for 24 bucks.
mescaline knows what hes talkin about
they are supposed to be nitrous oxide, but they may very well be scamming people by selling them co2 instead, most whippets ive "seen" are smaller in size, however they may make them in the 12 gram size as well.
So wait a minute. Are you saying we can get better results — for less money than this kit — by squirting cans of whipped cream in our engines? Wow, it's the next great eBay money-maker! I even have the 'hook': Cream your Competition! LOL
Re: hey!!!

...hey...those things work pretty good blowin' up the space saver tire (co2)....takes 3-4 of 'em but inflates that sucker "quick"....

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Re: hey!!!

actually I used a can of whipped cream which had no more cream in it and sprayed the No into the air filter on my gas blower. It screamed for about 4 seconds. My cousin and I couldn't believe it
If this kit really works where would it be hooked in on a 280 Z intake?


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I emailed the last person to buy this kit from him. I asked what he thought of it, so when he writes back I'll post it on here. I'm interested to see what a real person that actually thought it would work has to say about it.
did anyone else notice he said add 40+ Hp and torque? then later says that each bottle of nitrous is a 30 shot? That dont make no sense!
Seems like a gip to me and the person selling the kit needs to finish his ESL (beginning english) courses.

*uck'n A....
Thanks for posting the link mburnham - did you see review on the main page? That's awesome!
by dan yue Date Added: Thursday 01 July, 2004

wow. i WILL never go back. once you've tried whip... uh, these chargers, you are hooked. no other n20 experience will compare... uh... when whipping cream. great for parties -- chicks love it!

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I don't doubt for a minute that this kit has nothing to do with cars, since 4 seconds or less of NO wouldn't do a bit of good.
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