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little confused about megasquirt, any help would be awesome

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So i'm wanting to get a mega squirt system for my build but im a little confused on what i need to be looking for. I have a 1982 280zxt 5 speed and its all stock besides a muffler, rims, and lip kit all around when i bought the car. all that i've done so far is install a boost gauge, boost controller which i need to get an electric one since the manual ones boost creep like crazy, and i plugged the emergency release valve. i also put slotted and drilled rotors all around with new pads not that that really matters for the ecu but heres a list of most of the things im planning on doing: im getting the front mount, turbo, downpipe, intake, and injectors in december. waiting to go on till i get money for megasquirt and tune.

-Front Mount Intercooler
-t3/t4 hybrid turbo
-ported intake manifold runners with bigger throttle body ported to match
-70 to 80lb injectors
-walbro 255 fuel pump
-custom billet fuel rail
-inline fuel regulator with pressure gauge
-Meth Injection
-3" down pipe
-3" full exhaust (catless) with muffler
-Wideband system
-port and polished head with 1mm oversized valves, stiffer springs, retainers, and mild to wild cam.
-hi flow CAI

etc... that should be enough to get some help.

i was looking at this kit http://www.diyautotu...case-p-119.html but i just dont know if that has everything i need or if i need to add on to that. im a little new to motor skills and im going to be taking a class to further my skills. i have lots of friends that have lots of knowledge that can help me with my build but i have more skills in body, paint, and suspension so im learning so any help would be awesome! thanks!
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You need to search this site for "megasquirt", then read.

Then go here: http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/forum/34-megasquirt/
and read.
you can also PM me if you have any questions. I'm thinking of going back to MS for the LT1 just need to figure out how to run the wires from the opti.
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