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lifted car no wheel spin

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i have a weird problem.. when the car is jacked up the passenger side rear wheel wont spin... when its on the ground it will.. and a while back when i put the brakes on i put the hub on and it spun freely.. as soon as i tightened the lugs it locked up and wouldnt spin..

any ideas.. and the wheel seems to be getting hot when i drive it. not spit boiling hot.. but spit steam after 15 seconds hot..

((((funny thing just happened.. i was going down the road..(testing the car, no registration, no insurance, at night) and the hood vent that is not bolted down.. flew off and cracked... i was happy though.. because i never went fast enough with it for it to fly off.. im still having problems with sputtering until 3k but after that,, man it takes off like a rocket.)))))
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When you installed the rear shoes did you apply Silicone Break Grease (SilGlide) to the proper places?

Did you VERIFY that the pistons slide in the cylinders?

Did you compress the pistons back into their fully retracted position?

Did you reset the Parking Brake adjustment?

Is the Parking Brake Equaliser properly lubricated and the rear cable slides in the Equaliser?

There are three places, for each shoe to rest on, on the backing plate. These areas can develop groves that will cause the shoes to bind. When this happens your options are to weld the contact pads and then grind them smooth to fill in the wear groves or replace the backing plate. The groves will cause the surface of the shoes to contact the drum on an angle. This will be seen as more wear on outside part of the shoe and the drum.
well they seem to let loose when the car is on the ground.. it only binds when lifted in the air..
my parking brake is kinda broke.. so it does nothing.

i didnt put any grease in there..

only thing i can think of is he shoes wore in a little into the plate.
but everything looked ok when i checked it out..
if i drive it for a while will it wear down and eventually stop binding.

. but why would it free up when the car was on the ground..

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Sounds like your parking brake cable is not secured properly, so when you jack up the car you are stretching the cable and applying the parking brake. Either that or parking brake parts being stuck due to rust and dirt.

thats an interesting thought.. maybe that is the case.. the one metal bar link in the handle system broke.. so i put some wire on it temporarily.. but it really doesnt do anything when i drive and pull it.
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