Selling for a friend and we do not have a detailed list of all the parts, but, my friend has been driving, breaking, and fixing Z-cars since we were kids in the late 70's and early 80's. He has a small collection of parts that he wants to sell as a lot (not by piece). I will help him facilitate the sale and will develop as complete of a list with images as I can based on responses to this post.

We believe he has several 4-speeds, maybe 3, with one being from a 69 or 70 that he reports as being smaller than the typical Z. There is probably a 78 5-speed from a car that I sold him that got wrecked. there is at least 1 motor that he thinks is an L26. A bunch of interior parts, doors, hatches, windows, fender, bumpers, turn signals SU Carbs, and a set of Solex carbs with the intake and a trick linkage setup and new kits.

Again, he will want to sell all of the parts as a lot.

The image is for attention

Jeff Dillon
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Thanks for looking!!!