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im stumped on how do you identity an L28 with the year/etc..

it says L28-122104 ( has a n42 head )

The manual says from 1975-83, but how can you determine the exact year and if its a l28e or l28et?
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L28 with n42 = 75-76 280z motor L28e.

L28et has a turbo hanging off the exhaust manifold.
thanks, it has Dual SU's, just wasn't sure if the L28et was i different block or something, didn't know it just was labeled for "turbo" ha.

thanks again
Look for "F54" stamped on the drivers side of the block. That is the casting mark for all turbo blocks. They have improved cooling properties over the early N42 blocks. Any L series motor could have a turbo hanging off of the exhaust manifold that doesn't mean it is a turbo block, you must look for F54 to be sure.
Also every once in a blue moon you can pop the hood of an older S30 and see a 327. That was a Scarab swap and are some what hard to find.

When I say Scarab think of Yenko with the 67-69 Camaros.
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