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L24et fabrication update/problems

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the 240ZET website: http://www.angelfire.com/dc/240z/index.html

well, YAY, eveything mechanical is in and sealed up
I even created an induction piping that sucks from the front fo the rad.
I wired up the EFI today and I was pleased when the fuel pump came on, but niether the injectors or the crank angle sensor driven ignition didnt fire.

yeah, i was pissed, i havent taken to much time yet to trouble shoot but i have a bad feeling its just not gonna work out. Iv been studying the wiring diagram for weeks now, but am still not sure if I got it right.

my questions are...has anyone wired in an L28et wiring harness into a 240Z, want to give me any pointers? (wire colors and destnations?)

second, can I just buy an aftermarket fuel injection system? I have the injectors and the pump.

SDS is way out of my price range, but what about wolf? I have no idea...
all I know is I cant spend any more than another 300 just on fuel injection wiring.
any ideas?

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