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L2 vs. L4

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I'm in the process (as I write this) of swapping transmission. What is the difference between and L2 and an L4 5-speed manual?

I hope it's nothing major, because I'm putting the L2 in out and I'm about to put the L4 in. Should've seen the crap on the magentic drain plug of the L2. Big hunks of what looked like bearing races.

Gotta go back to work. Thx
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No transmission gurus out there? I put it in and everything is great. Maybe the L4 has a lower gear ration. Seems to run at a lower RPM at highway speeds.

maybe nobody out here (including myself) has ever heard of any transmission referred to as an "L2" or an "L4"?

Traditionally, we refer to engines as an "L6" and the "L4" is the four cylinder that came in things like the 510...

You are using a casting number off the transmission which is usless.

A bit of information on what car each was harvested from might lead something, but giving usless information will not generally garner any response whatsoever.

Even using Nissan's model number designations (FS571C, 3N71B, etc etc etc) would probably be more useful.

But "L2" and "L4" means nothing to anybody here. Transmission guru or not!
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Re: Welll...

Tony.....that was useful information. Next time I'm at the junkyard, I'll get the info off the donor car. It is an '80 2+2. Thx

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