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Kameari Chain Tensioner Kit??

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So I just ordered a Kameari chain tensioner and idler gear kit while I'm here in Okinawa. Should get it in about 7 days.
Has anyone installed one yet and how is it working out???
And yes, I already know I will probably never spin 10,000 RPMS and that my stock Nissan stuff can be just as reliable....but the Kameari kit looks really cool and I felt like spending $500.00......
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Jeffp bought one.

It is in the archives. It is probably on his site.
Yes I bought the kit, but not because I was worried aout spinning the engine to 10K LOL, but more importantly my objective was to keep the realitive cam timing the same at all times, and to get rid of the oil tensioner.
I want the cam at my setting on startup, acceleration, and deceleration. I dont want the cam glopping around and changing its timing.
The lit is sound, and will work very well in your car. Also there was an update to the bracket for the top gear.
Good part, but over priced, I guess if you want to play you got to pay.
Geee you are up early Jeff!!!

9:30am here in Nova Scotia... I think thats 5:30am in Calif!

Working late on your car or up early for week end shift (yuck!)
Forrest, another guy from our club named Sam and I have them. Neither of us have installed them yet. I recieved an updated bracket for mine about 4 months ago. Mine is for my bigger turbo project so that's why it's been sitting up.
They are very fine pces of work..

And yes Jeff is correct.. "If you want to play you got to pay."
Thanks guys...yeah I was pretty sure it would be a nice piece of work.. I have spent a lot of money with Kameari and havent had any problems. I especially like my R200 mount for the Skyline.
JeffP...if it's holding up for you, there's probably no way my car will break it...LOL!!
I don't know about that thing. The curved guides prevent the chain from oscillating around with relatively little tension. No guide and I believe a ton of tension will be required to prevent it twanging like a gi-tahr string. Don't even pure race engines have curved cam chain guides?
Also you need to be careful setting the tension, the distance between the cam and the crank grows from cold to hot so if you get the chain tight when cold, it will be TOO tight when the engine is hot. Timing belt cars have this problem and is why they went to those hydro tensioners..
Good tip Steve...hadnt thought about that.

JeffP, what becomes of the oil passage for the old tensioner....is it covered up (blocked off) by the new idler gear and plate???
I have thought of both these things mentioned. I will be useing a cut down chain guide and also setting the tension for running at normal temp. I NEVER run my Z's cold anyways. It will just have to sit there and idle for a few min to warmup..
That's what hipo motorcycles have to deal with. Most have fixed tensioners for the cam chain and they rattle till the engine comes up to temp.
I'm just curious as to the people that have that item as to how they got them? I've only seen those things aviable over in Japan. And being I've never been there, is there a way to get one shipped to the USA?
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