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JWT Stage 3 chip question

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I am wondering a few questions.

1. Do I actually gain the 60 RWHP they claim ?

2. Should I install the boost yet that it comes with or go after market Boost Controller and electronically set the boost that way?

Btw, I also bought Z1 downpipes!. I already got a high performance air intake... so Will I really see close to 400 Ponies of HP? or just a smoke screen, lol.

Thanks everyone!
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the 60 rwhp claim is kinda there after you turn up the boost, eliminate the precats (downpipes), eliminate exhaust restrictions and improve the intake...

so kinda like yes...

as far as the boost controller, I'd say go for the EBC over boost jets, much safer plus you can constantly record your peak boost, set your safety boost etc etc
I've heard the jets are prone to boost levels dropping off at higher RPMs, and that you'll get much tighter control with an EBC... But the jets are free.

If I was doing it I'd try the jets first and if I was happy with the power I'd leave well enough alone. I'm not crazy about my Profec B Spec II as peak boost levels are not consistent from gear to gear and it's extremely finicky to set properly. But it came with the car, fits well in the dash and I'm not willing to spend hundreds to replace it.

Yes, the extra features of the EBC are great like Sal said (Especially the ability to electronically limit and cut back boost), but if you have no other power upgrades planned it might not be worth the extra cash to you.

If you stay with the jets, make sure you have a quality boost gauge to make sure you don't overboost.
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