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Just stopping in to say hello

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Hey guys,

On the way back from a trip to Florida last week, I stopped in Savannah and had dinner with Chris Carr and his family, and it made me realize that I haven't logged into this site in MONTHS! I thought I'd log in and catch up, if anybody is still here that remembers me, lol. I see it was bought out and Derek and Vince are gone. Any other news?

I'm in my last year of college, set to graduate in December with degrees in accounting and finance. Went and met a beautiful lady and got engaged in December.

I still have my silver NA and daily drive it. Passed 200k last year and finally replaced my first injector around 202k.

Bought a chassis several years ago and a running Q45 in an attempt to to a VH45DE swap. I got the sump of the Z's oil pan grafted onto the Q's flange, but dropped the motor in and hit all kinds of stuff. Cut out most of the crossmember and was still hitting stuff. I gave up when my friend's 2+2 was t-boned and I was granted a perfect donor car. I expect to be swapping that engine (and crossmember!) into my project car's chassis in the next few weeks. Anyone want a VH45?! ;D

Other than all that, I'm mostly out of the car scene, although I still do very much enjoy them, and fully intend to go head-first into this project car. My new obsession has been building vintage 2-stroke motorcycles instead. These are my three main ones:

1975 Yamaha RD350B

1979 Yamaha RD400F Daytona Special

1973 Yamaha RD350 with a 1975 Kawasaki H1 3-cylinder motor. Finished it Saturday:

So, who else is still here? What's going on in your worlds? Hope everybody's doing well.
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My uncle had a kawi 3 cylinder 2 stroke 750 that he let me ride starting when I was about 12. That thing was mean! didn't handle for ****, but it would fly! with my 12 yr old hundred pound frame on it, it would pull the wheel in any gear. Talk about a blast!! They look a little easier to work on huh?? Good to see you stop by!
awesome bikes!
I haven't been here in a long time as well. Guess ziv finally wore off. Glad to see you're still restoring the bikes. See you around.
Hey David, I enjoy following your bike progress on FB. I REALLY need to get the RZ350 up and going again! Nice to see you here, keep it up!
P.S. You can't leave until you have gone TT.
Good to see that you check in. I see Luminar, z-addict,Mega and Max doc post sometimes. I usually sit back and learn. Pretty impressive to get almost 200k out of injectors. I think someone did want to try that Q45 swap. Also don't forget the z meet in June or July I think. Nice bikes
Went to florida, stopped to see chris, and you didnt even call me??? You're so being cut out of the will.

Glad you had fun though man, too bad work wont let me see the pictures. I'm sure they're epic like all the rest. You need to come to Chuck town again soon, and better yet, I need to come up there.

You arent missing anything here really, most of us have gone into ghost mode.
lol, sorry Timmay. It was a quick stop along I95 on the way back. **** yeah, come up here and help me bust out the engine swap into the project car. I put a battery in the t-boned car last weekend and took it for a little drift in a field--it was a blast, lol.

Dave, I couldn't agree more! They're a freakin blast, and easy to work on. If you can install Ash's IC pipes, you could finish that thing in a couple of weeks!

Good to hear from everybody!
Z1---I remember you from back when, but I was over on the 84-89 board then and only read this one, never posted. Glad to hear you're not totally out of the Z game. Those bikes make me think of the Top Gear episode in which they raced the 1940s bike, train, and car across Britain....they look good!:)
David are you going to Zdayz? Call me you bum!
Some of us old timers are still around, just in 'lurk' mode 8)
It was great to see you again and to finally meet April. We need to coordinate something this summer with Tim and Shelly too. If nothing else, there is still Zcon here in Savannah this fall.
ZCON is in Savannah?

kewl bikes Davey
I still check in every now and again. Work keeps me slammed.
Daaaamn, cville, now there's a name I didn't expect to see! What's going on with you, man?

Thanks everybody.
Nothing is to new with me. Still engaged living in OK and im about ready to buy a Z again.
MegalodonZ32TT said:
ZCON is in Savannah?
Yep.. ZCON Savannah 2011.

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