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Just had to share this with everyone

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I am really surprised by how much I liked that. I'd be afraid to buy without a thorough inspection, but it is a shame ford never built something along the same lines. I don't trust the seller though. Too many odd links, he mentions value in a car is all about original condition, which this car clearly isn't, and he doesn't give a good background on the build.

Great concept, terrible attempt at sale.
agreed with jas280z
It was on the auction block at the Mecum auction in Kissimmee a week or so ago. Must not have made the reserve there. ???
Interesting car, strange location to find it, I would expect some retired engineer's garage in Dearborn or St. Clair Shores at some estate sale!
Is this the Intermechanica?

Jalopnik says NO!

So where are the Ford I-Cars (and that's no joke, Mr. Iacocca!)

Its a twist, but I can't say I'm fond of it....hated the interiors on '67-'68 (not sorry to say).
For all we know it could have even been a 4-lug, 6-cyl car "revamped"....The chrome
trim surrounding the tail-lites didn't continue across the lip of trunk deck in '67...the extra
trim piece didn't come along to make that final surround on the tail lights until '68...probably
a mix of years..From the rear, I'd say it was a '68, but whatever, huh. The reflector in the
rear qtr panel also didn't come along until '68.

Now I do remember a guy in Maryland that took a '66 and chopped the whole car in half
and elimnated the backseat entirely making it a two-seater. The back window was revamped
to a vertical configuration and operated with old mercury mont. sliding back window hardware;
I liked the rear window idea, but shortened into a two-seater looked odd....
It was made into a station wagon.But has no back seat for others to enjoy :(
^^ Thats kind of what confused me. I actually liked it until I saw there was no back seat.
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