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Just got my first Z Car

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Just bought my first Z Car. A 1983 280ZX in Fox Silver.


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Real nice stock looking ZX,lose the mud flabs.
Agreed!! The mud flaps are gone!! I actually took this picture when I picked up the car. I trashed the mud flaps before I brought it home. ;D
A fine looking car!
Hey man,

I too am about to get my first Z... It's a white '78 280z 2+2. I am buying it for $4,500 off Craigslist and was wondering (this question is for everyone) what could you recommend should be the first piece of work I should conduct on this car? I already know it needs a new paint job, but I want to get some stuff done under the hood...so it'll really impress folks on the road. I'm a 20 year old that was never really into cars to begin with, but getting this Z has snagged my interest. Help a newbie out?
Getting it running good. Change out all the fluids. Get a K&N airfilter. Safety first!
First go to the 70-83 tech section, then read the first post (its a "sticky") then after you are done with that then ask questions.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
Not open for further replies.