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hey eveybody,

sorry to ask an old question but i need some reliable advice.

Im in australia and i have flat top peice of crap carbs.

ive found a lot of good prices from the US on su's...however im reluctant to buy any without knowing exactly what will fit because postal charges are big.


I can use dome top 240z's....

can i use jaguar su's? what sort?

can i use mg su's

basically i wanna know exactly what i can use as specifically as possible ...what just bolts on? do i need the manifold or jsut the su's?


oh yeah and i dont wont triple webbers im 2 poor

A mechanic here quoted me $800 parts and labour 4 the job...i feel its 2 much.

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Well you can do it yourself quiet easily... you allready have the 260 manifold bolted on right??? if so, i hear that flows better than the 240 manifold... you would just have to keep your stock spacers between your carbs and manifold, because the 260 manifolds bolts are shorter than the 240's. And all that emmisions crap can be taken off cleaning that manifold right up. Jag SU's would be sweet!!! 2 " mouth right??? if so, all you would have to do to do that setup, witch i heard they'll bolt right up too.. so sais Datto (you can ask him he knows alot about jag carbs i guess) you just have to bore out the manifold intake where the carbs bolt up to match the carbs mouth opening.. understand .... hehehe :)

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I have a 260Z with 2" SUs from a 73 Jag.
The whole thing cost me not much.
pair 2 inch SU's second hand (top nick) (check alloy slides etc) from a place in Adelaide that strips Jags brought in from China. Cost $200 pair.
Got a rebuilt kit for about $70 I think! (from memory). Rebulit with new gaskets etc, easy 45min each.
If you have N36 manifold they'll bolt straight up. You can use most of the old linkages with a combination of new linkages ($30 for an entire linkage kit).
THe other thing you have to do which I did myself is get a grinder and grind out the opening of the n36 manifold to 50mm, tedious I know but costs about 100 bucks if you dont do it yourself. I just bought some grinding bits from the hardware store that can be used on an electric drill. (45min each).
Buy 2 high performance filters ( Ramflow is what I have $35 each at my speed shop).
Done, choosing needles and jets is not too hard.
Use 100 jets unless u have a worked motor then use 125, and pick and try needles (pretty cheap). I use needles which were for a 4.2 jag, the car absolutely storms. U might want electronic ignition for these babies.
carbs 200
rebuild kit 70
needles/jets 20
grinder bits 10
filters 70
linkages 30
tuning -- depends on your tuner
400 AUD + tuning for a perfect stormer.

If u can't do the work yourself then the cost is a lot more like 800 bucks.
email me for any other help.

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Check out the Haynes manual for Stromberg/Weber/SU. It has a bunch of listings for SU applications on mostly Brit cars. May be able to find a set of 1 3/4 or 1 7/8 carbs that will work and only need to do the jets and minimum of grinding. (I have to admit 2 inchers do sound nice though!)

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Jag 2"ers will work, I have them on my 3.1. They are BIG. Linkage will have to be monkeyed with, and, as already mentioned, you'll want to hog out your Z manifolds to match the carbs. I couldn't believe the pile of aluminum shavings I made! I was feelin' rich and got a set of TWM air horns and ITG filters. Fitment was TIGHT between the carbs and the shock tower and brake m.c. Had to mount the filters upside down, and with the air horns glued to the backing plates.

Dan Baldwin
'71 240Z 3.1
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