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I've got a new mechanic now!

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She just needs to learn a little more wrench control.

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Oh man, looks like you got yourself a handful.

In 15 years, just think! She'll be driving the Z!
That is a very cute mechanic. Teach her patience so she can work on the car.
The way she was swinging that wrench was almost as if it were a magic wand. One could only wish it was that easy.
You are one lucky car owner to have an angle for a mechanic.
Thank you, she's my youngest. My 15 yr old son doesn't want it not even drive it. I think he's scared of disappointing me if he crashes because he's seen all my time, money and labor that went in to it. I don't know about my 7 yr old yet.
Looks expensive!
Yes, she will be in a decade. Cutest mechanic I've seen in a while.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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