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Hi there,
So I had my brake booster rebuild by my mechanic (using the zcar depot brake booster rebuild kit).
when trying to reconnect the brake booster to the master cylinder, it didn't fit well, as if the push rod of the master vac was too long and pushed on the piston of the master cylinder. I drove the car but the brake pedal was too hard and short, after 15 min the car was braking by itself (especially the rear drums brakes)
My question, what happened to change the rubber, (the diaphragm was shot) that influenced the length of the pushrod?
The reaction seems to be in the right place...I wonder if my mechanic didn't make a mistake...would it be possible to put 2 reaction discs one on top of the other ? (the old one plus the new one)
I adjusted the push rod to the shortest possible position but the problem remains the same and the push rod is already pushing on the master cylinder even without pressure on the brake pedal !
....Thanks alot for your help !
Cheers from Brussels Belgium

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....Thanks alot
Cheers from Brussels Belgium
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