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> I am pretty sure I have a leak in my exhaust
> manifold, by the sound I am hearing. Seems
> to be loudest when the engine is first
> started cold. My question is can I wait to
> replace the manifold gasket? I had a
> motorcycle that had a hole on the pipe close
> to the head. Someone told me that when I
> turn it off, cold air rushes in and can warp
> the valves. Is this true? And can it happen
> to the Z?

> I want to wait until summer to do it when I
> plan on replacing the head with a good used
> one. Do it all at once. Because my cam is
> worn very bad I found that the easiest way
> would be to replace the head with a good
> used turbo head. Most of the Z's I see at
> the junk yard don't have the kind of wear
> mine does to the cam. Also much cheaper,
> about $100 at the place I go to, just
> waiting to find a turbo head there. Sorry
> for the long post...

Leslie, I had a similar problem on my 81. After talking to a few z people I was told it is common for the exhaust manifold to warp on z's. They said it was no problem to take it off and shave it down. My local dealer said they've done several over the years and would run about $150, unless a stud was broken. Well, getting in there a stud was broken and it cost more.

Anyway, point is don't just change the gasket, check to see it is not warped. I'm not sure if that was a problem on the '83's but my guess is they're all prety similar. I would not wait until a stud breaks off in there. It did fix my problem.

Good Luck,
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