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> Leslie, I had a similar problem on my 81.
> After talking to a few z people I was told
> it is common for the exhaust manifold to
> warp on z's. They said it was no problem to
> take it off and shave it down. My local
> dealer said they've done several over the
> years and would run about $150, unless a
> stud was broken. Well, getting in there a
> stud was broken and it cost more.

> Anyway, point is don't just change the
> gasket, check to see it is not warped. I'm
> not sure if that was a problem on the '83's
> but my guess is they're all prety similar. I
> would not wait until a stud breaks off in
> there. It did fix my problem.

> Good Luck,
> Randy
I have an exhaust leak too, I've been driving my 80 280ZX with the windows down. Did I read right, I must take the intake AND the exhaust manifolds off to change the exhaust manifold gasket? Can any of you shead some light on this for me?
Thanks Steve
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