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> you're not going to warp a valve unless the
> leak is extremely bad. i would pinpoint
> where the leak is coming from because z's
> will leak in some other spots. the exhaust
> flange gasket will leak at the downpipe and
> also the pipe itself will crack in half
> where the two pipes become one. you can't
> see it because the shielding is in the way.
> z's do have manifold problems though, they
> can warp and break the bolts off on the
> ends. happens to almost every car. but it
> can take years before a leak actually
> develops. of all the z's i've seen, i can't
> remember one leaking at the manifold itself,
> it was always that downpipe cracking.

Yep, my 72 warped the ends on the exhaust manifold and broke off the studs. It's just a result of the dissimilar metals used in the head and exhaust manifold (along with the fact that the manifold's rather long which makes it more vulnerable to warpage) I found if you replace the studs with Socket head grade 12.9 bolts which are tons stronger in clamping power, It effectively prevents them from popping off again. (so far so good anyways). This coupled with having it ground flat again at a machine shop will cure the problem if that's what it is. But like it was stated, it could be the pipe itself too or any of the other gasketed sections in the exhaust system.
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