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I am seriously considering the purchase of a TO4 turbo along with the external wastegate. I've been studying the possibilities, and they are:
1. punching a hole on the exhaust maniflod and weld a tube that go to the wastegate
2. making a hole in the turbine housing near the flange
3. use a spacer between the exhaust manifold and the turbo
I have my doubts about the 3 options which are

Option 1.
I dont want to make a hole in my exhaust manifold and give way to possible cracks and thus loss of my unit. An it is not that good in terms of even distribution.

Option 2.
I like this one but dont know anyone who makes it and not sure if the turbo would still fit under there

Option 3.
refer to option 1 but in terms of the turbine housing (except for the last sentence)

What are you guys using?
or what would you like to use?

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