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Is a complete Stock Exhaust worth anything

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I'm about to replace the exhaust on my 75 280Z. It is a complete and in good condition Stock exhaust with all the heats shields still there and I still have the original Exhaust Tip. Should I just throw it away or would anybody be interested in it?

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Post this in the classified. Somebody might want to take a look at it if you have pics.
Sure would! What would shipping be on something lik ethat?
I live in LA, CA. I don't know how much it weighs. I am evaluating the different exhausts I can get from MSA and VB. Once I pick one I will weigh the system for shipping. I will probably give it away so you will only need to pay the shipping if you want it. It just seemed too nice to throw away.
Keep the boxes the new ones come in, to ship old out.
At the price of $100 a ton for scrap steel, it's worth about $5.
I have an stock exaust from the manifold out to the tip for a 1978 280Z.

I will sell it CHEAP to someone if they will come get it.

If it is my time ....... it will cost you $50 plus shipping.

If I can point 2 it and say here it we we can talk $$. A cold one may get it if I am in the mood.
I just thought that someone who wanted to restore their 280Z might be interested in this exhaust. I can't imagine too many original exhausts exist, especially with all the heat shields and Tip (which is almost perfect). They are in such good shape that they never rattled while driving around, and only would make the crackling cooling sound after a good run.

I'm not asking anything for it and I'm willing to ship it for you, since I can just hand it to my shipping department and let them take care of it.

Just asking that you cover the shipping costs.
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