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irritated, aggravated, frustrated,............digital dash

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Okay I've been dealing with this issue since i bought my car in Sept.2010 my digital dash all works except for the tach. i have replaced the box just to the left of the stereo under DS dash and no change. Today i went to a salvave yard and pulled a whole new cluster and box , installed them and still same issue everything works except the tach?! could it be farther down the wiring harnes could i have gotten 3 bad boxes and a bad dash as well?! I know about the pins corroding but it doesnt seem to me that with all the variables im lookin in the right area help pls:)
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Does the tacho actually light up?
o sorry yes it does its fully lit all the time and the guage is always at 0
Tacho gets it pulse from the blue wire at the coil. The blue wire runs through a resistor after which it is a yellow wire, which may turn into some other colour.
It is all covered in the appropriate FSM, available at:
well i think someone did some kinda rig job because itys been spliced and there is a wire that runs all the way around the engine bay down below the battery and into the firewall.........ugh stupid people fixes ....... will track it down this week
Here are some pics of what Ive got goin on by the way my car is an 86 2+2 N/A you can see the red wire spliced in and the under dash splice going into the white terminal on pass. side does this look right or like a hack job?


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any suggestions or ideas? are the 2 blue wires supposed to hook into the one red? and is the connection to the white box on pass correct?
I quickly read through this thread but the signal I thought started with a vacuum sensor. So a leak or bad sensor on digital dash could be the issue. Its Labeled boost sensor on driver side by headlight with several other vacuum lines
The MAP signal and tacho signal are two entirely different signals.
Some people need to read the EL section in the FSM. It is quite comprehensive.
Is the red wire going to an aftermarket alarm ( Ignition kill?? )

I dont believe so the alarm is stock and the red wire you see in both pics is the end from the coil to where it connects under pass. side kick panel and i read the fsm EL section and could see the lead from the coil b ut since mine has been splicedi dont know if the two blue wires going in are correct and also dont know if its routed correctly to the box under dash on pass side kick panel above diag box.? so still stuck, help?!
Going to have to trace it out wire by wire, sadly to say...

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