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> Maybe you guys can help me out. I have a
> 1983 280ZX Turbo and am experiencing an
> intermittant miss. I swear it is
> exactly the same thing that happened with
> two different 1982 turbos I had.
> Basically, the car runs great, but after it
> warms up, and when idling at a light or
> wherever, then it will miss a bit ... it'll
> run good for a few seconds then kinda
> drop out and miss slightly --
> not too hard, then run good for a few more
> seconds and miss again. It's almost like an
> intermittant flutter. It doesn't
> happen at regular intervals, but is more
> random.
> I am no repairman, but I have already
> changed out the plugs, wires, cap and rotor.
> I'm guessing it is either plugged injectors
> or a vacuum hose. I looked over the hoses,
> but didn't know what I was looking for, and
> don't know how to check the injectors.
> Also, I thought about cleaning the
> injectors, but have heard that the chemicals
> can be very damaging to them. Is that true?

> Thanks for any help!!!
> Brian

I dont have a clue what your problem could be, but you asked how to check your injectors. A simple way to do so is to place a screw driver on one and put you ear on the end of it. Listen to all of them. If any sound different, then it is probably bad. sorry i couldnt be of any more help.

Mike B.
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