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Installed my Swift Springs/Kinetix ADJ Arms/Carbon Fiber Fang Cover/Rear Spacers

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My wheel gap looks 1000x better! And the ride quality is still good. Ive gotta have Kinetix send me another passenger ball joint for the front control arm. It has play to it, and clunks. Other than that everythings good! Install is easy, it took me about 2.5hrs for everything. I installed 10mm Hubcentric Spacers/longer studs in the rear also. I also picked up a Front Fang cover from Charles at Powertrix for pretty cheap so I put that on also. Im ordering up the Upper part in CF also, so its not matte black. Im also waiting on a new set of door handles I had Painted OEM red, so they wont be silver anymore :) And lastly, I put a deposit on Fast Intentions Long Tube Headers and Catback w/18" Resonated Mufflers. They are currently backed up so that will be ready to ship in 2 months
Heres some pics. First pic is before, the rest are after.

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Ugh so jealous!!!

I was thinking of you when I stopped by my local Nissan dealership to look at their GT-R's and 370 stock. They had a similar looking red one.
You shouldve bought it :)
Too poor to afford a new car while in college. Maintaining my 300zx is right at my economic level.
Kandy, Looking good! Love the red and black combo.

Do you still have those TPMS monitors that you were trying to sell on the other forum?
Thanks, and yes i still have them
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