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injectors don't work

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can someone help with this problem.car ran fine before i put the fuelrail on i bought from pallnet.pigtail's and sparkplugs have fire, plenty of gas pumping.replaced the 02 sensor,block sensor,efi relay.turnsover.test light lights up on the main brain.now i put on a fuel gauge and left off the pressure regulator and coldstart valve.is it possible there is too much air in the line to prevent constant pressure of fuel,and how do i get rid of the air.this fuelrail look's great on my car vs the other thing.the only thing different from before,is i left off the regulator and coldstart,which i read in the forum,was ok. helpppp
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Where did you read..........

.....it was OK to leave out the Fuel Pressure Regulator?

Without it, you have all your fuel bypassing and returning to the tank....
.....(that's assuming, of course, you hooked up the return line)

What does your Fuel Pressure Guage Say.........?
Never "OK" to leave off a regulator. Without it, there is no reference for how much fuel is delivered in the time that the injector is open.

yeah, steer clear of that person's advice....who said to leave the fpr off? cold start *can* be left off, but that's there for a reason too. put it all back on.
He's probably talking about the AAR not the FPR.

the only actual help i can provide is to suggest going through the entire EFI troubleshooting section in the factory service manual.
Re: "Wieghing you down?"

"Prolly a good time to remove the V.R. from that alternator, it's really wieghing you down, dude!" N.K. Jez kiddin'-hic'hic.
Re: Where did you read..........

my gauge say's 0,but the gas pump's thru the filter with no problem.
is it possible too hook the fpr back up to the fuel rail i put on,and is the thing on the old stock fuel rail that has a hose connected to it the fpr.i found the cold start valve,it's not hooked up,i plugged it. tried starting again today,no luck.what exactly does the fpr do.
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