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> I have no doubt that Travis will help you,
> but I am going to suggest a completely
> different idea: park the Z for the winter
> and drive a POS like an Escort, Buick or
> something cheap and already rusteaten. My
> logic: 1) the Z was not one of the better
> rustproofed cars, the salt will eat thru the
> metal real quick, unless you have a VERY
> good rustproof job. 2) why risk a great car
> to the potential of another nincompoop's
> poor driving and smashing into your Z? 3)
> I've never driven a Z in the snow, but most
> high performance cars tend to be not-so-good
> in slippery conditions (high torque, fat
> tires, and all that). BTW I did live in Pa.
> for 35 years, so I am familiar with
> snow/winter condidtions.
> Or you could move out to Southern California
> or Arizona where you have to go to the snow
> on purpose. Good luck

Hehe Southern Calfornia I live there and I got 6 in of snow.
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Not open for further replies.