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> I'm going to try and answer this question
> again....

> When your selector is in the heat
> position--the vacuum source from the white
> vacuum tank(the plastic thing on the
> passenger side of the engine compartment)
> goes into a magnet valve(electrically
> actuated valve which if stuck closed--can be
> bypassed if temporarily just so you can have
> heat)

> That in turn, opens the air intake door. The
> vacuums activates the mode door for heating
> and outside air flows into the heater core.
> The activation of the heater core is through
> a vacuum operated water ****. Heat is
> discharged in the opening above occupants
> feet.

> Since only cold air is blowing thru the
> center vents--check your vacuum hoses--and
> especially the magnetic valve(its about the
> size of a roll of lifesavers) and there is 2
> identical ones near the plastic vacuum
> bottle.

> Good luck--and if you need the darn
> schematic, I'll scan it and put it up on my
> web page.

> Chung
Hey! Twills made some really good points, and I know that Travis knows his stuff also, so either one of them are good sources, although, I have a much simpler and more to the point solution, but there is one thing, this will only HALF way solve your problem, but my suggestion is, since you dont need the A/C anyways, just disconnect the belt from the A/C pump, and take out the pulley, so that all that's left is the a/c pump with no belt or pulley to get in the way of the fan or anything, to get to the a/c belt, you first have to loosen the altenator adjustment bolt, loosen that belt, take it off, then loosen up the a/c belt, and guide it around the fan to get it off...then back the long bolt out all the way, as if you still needed to loosen up the a/c belt, until it comes out of the hub that the pulley spins on, and of course take off the lock nut on the front of the pulley, wallah, everything comes out, guide your altenator belt back around the fan, put it in the correct grooves, pull the altenator back, tighten down that bolt, and bam...no more a/c will blow! It's not as hard to do as this explanation is long...anyone that has ever changed a set of belts can do this..sorry though, I can't help you with bringing really warm air into the car though, good luck!
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