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> I am going to be really basic so if you know
> this stuff disregard it. Basically the air
> is heated by the heater core which is a mini
> radiatior in the center counsil.. Coolent
> flows through it and thus heats the air that
> passes through it. So....make sure the
> heater core is hooked up to the engine
> coolent...look on the passenger side of the
> engine compartment..are there 2 heater hoses
> approximately 1.5 inches in diameter going
> into the fire wall from the engine? If yes
> ok...if no you need to let me know.....
> So if they are hooked up next thing to check
> is if anyair at all comes out by your feet
> or just out the vents....check this out and
> get back to me...Answer these 2 questions of
> mine then i will be able to diagnose your
> problem better tomorrow night. Hang in there
> bro....Travis 77z
I am having the same problem. Heater hoses connected but air only comes out of center vent. 1973 Z Thanks in advance
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Not open for further replies.