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I'm begining to get Frustrated

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Ok i'm starting to get a little upset now........

The Z has been giving me trouble. I mean i'm not a cert. mech. here, i can do minor stuff if i have some books but the car is pissin me off....here is a list of my current problems.

car wont rev past 3.5k under load and 4.5k with slow accelerator push

Dont really feel a turbo kicking in, i just hear it spool up. I mean should i feel a KICK when i hit a certin RPM or does it just speed me up all the way through RPM range??

Need a new radio ant. I know not a major problem but a pain in the a$$ cause of where the motor is located to it....right behind a big metal bar.

Went into the panal and looked at my ECU, sucker looks like i melted all over itself. There are little bubbles and all the wires are stuck together ( what computer is compatable i need to go check the junk yard )

I dont know how to do body/interrior work and i need new seats and panals.

Now i dont want to give up on this car!! MY father used to own one when i was little, and its a centimental thing to me now that he's gone. Any help would be awsome. Thank you very much

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About getting another ecu, there are ads on this website with folks selling them under "Parts and Accessories"..if that doesn't appeal to you try clicking on the sponsors link to the left. I've had great assistance from Danny's Datsun (even over the phone), and I am sure the ZBarn has something for you. Been meaning to pay them a visit as they are only 160 miles from me.

As for a turbo "Kick", my experience is it feels more like being pulled strongly on a rope..the kick comes from the kickdown switch when changing to second on automatics. May check your catalytic converter for clogging. A dead give away there is EXCESSIVE HEAT coming from the stick shift console and the turbo boost not going above, say, "1" on the boost meter...

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