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I'm begining to get Frustrated

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Ok i'm starting to get a little upset now........

The Z has been giving me trouble. I mean i'm not a cert. mech. here, i can do minor stuff if i have some books but the car is pissin me off....here is a list of my current problems.

car wont rev past 3.5k under load and 4.5k with slow accelerator push

Dont really feel a turbo kicking in, i just hear it spool up. I mean should i feel a KICK when i hit a certin RPM or does it just speed me up all the way through RPM range??

Need a new radio ant. I know not a major problem but a pain in the a$$ cause of where the motor is located to it....right behind a big metal bar.

Went into the panal and looked at my ECU, sucker looks like i melted all over itself. There are little bubbles and all the wires are stuck together ( what computer is compatable i need to go check the junk yard )

I dont know how to do body/interrior work and i need new seats and panals.

Now i dont want to give up on this car!! MY father used to own one when i was little, and its a centimental thing to me now that he's gone. Any help would be awsome. Thank you very much

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Hey Matt - The first thing I learned with my 78 was patience. With any Z you need lots of patience when it comes to things going wrong. The best advice I can give is to take these frustations one step at a time. I'm in the process of re-doing my 78 and am having a ball doing it with my son. I know your sentimentality if great, but don't give up. Get a FSM! Big help and also use this forum and the archives. Lots of great help here from lots of experienced people. I have learned alot. Keep plugging away and good luck!
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