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Ignition Module Replacement

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76 280 4 speed

I need to replace my ignition module. Other than buying a Nissan Original equiment, is there an after market that is compatable and does not require an electrical engineering degree to install? If so - Please point me in the right direction.

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I got 76 ignition box. that's that one under the passenger seat right? It's in my spare car
You can get the module from AutoZone for a fraction of the cost of dealer with a liftime warranty.It is a direct replacement.
In a '76 ('75-'78) the Transistor Ignition Module is above and forward of the fuse box.

The GM HEI "upgrade" that people do on the early models would work, but the wiring is a bit complex. You also have the dual pickup distributor which ads a bit more trouble ... as well as a "Top Gear" vacuum controller for the dist vacuum advance. So if you had the money to spend and not much time, then it would be way easier to buy a stock replacement (used of course). If on the otherhand you have more time and less money then the HEI module might be the way to go. But if you've got time then go out in a junkyard and find a ZX dist with integrated transistor and make the wiring even more simple.

I thank you and my wallet thanks you!
i actually have one for that car if you want it.. theyre not hard to install at all.. all you need is a philips head screwdriver..i dont have one for you if its a california model
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